Sports Massage - at Finishing Touch, 9 Thomas Road, Scunthorpe DN17 1DN
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Sports MassageHalf hour£20
One hour £35
Swedish MassageHalf hour£15
One hour£28
Hot Stone TherapyVariety of treatments and prices

Mobile appointments are available within the Burton upon Stather area and all surrounding villages. Please contact me to book an appointment at a time to suit you.

I am a registered member of the Sports Therapy Organisation.

Why massage...?

Sports massage should be an important part of any sportsperson's training regime, whether injured or not...and is suitable for anyone, not just for someone taking part in sport.

It has a number of benefits; physical, phsyiological and psychological. Whether you suffer from day-to-day aches and pains, muscular or joint problems, are completely new to sport, amateur, semi-professional or professional, or just like a really good deep massage. Your treatment objectives could be; to aid recovery, increase flexibility, pre or post-event, preventative, maintenance, improve mobility, reduce muscle tension, stress relief...the list is endless.

Originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recovery after an event, or perform at their peak level during training, its emphasis was that of prevention and healing of injuries to the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. But you don't have to be in training to reap the benefits from a sports massage.

Have you ever suffered from an injury, or have repetative strain, perhaps it's chronic pain and it's restricting your movement and causing you to dip out of regular activity. Then you too can benefit from Sports Massage. As a massage therapist, each massage performed is area/problem specific and personal to what you want to achieve, and is an aid to getting you back to the peak of physical, physiological and psycholocigal fitness.

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